Fleet Management & Optimisation


We provide 4 levels of Fleet Optimisation.

From logging manually to automating tasks 

We've written a blog post about different levels of fleet management and optimisation.  The Fleet Management market is full of different kinds of solutions and different kinds of needs. We have defined the four categories based on the use of data.

The four levels of Fleet Optimisation we serve:

  • Fleet Management; SaaS access to manage fleet information and service calls manually 
  • Fleet Digital Twin: Hardware with SaaS access to manage and to view insights of vehicles digital data. 
  • Fleet Remote Control: Hardware and SaaS access to remotely control auxiliary devices on the vehicles.
  • Fleet Automation: Hardware and Saas access to automate service calls and other processes based on data. 




Digital Twin

You can start by digitalising your vehicles. VMD has all capabilities to grow with you.

  • GPS Tracking
  • Vehicle Analytics
  • Unlimited users
  • Service updates


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Remote Control

Remote controlling might require additional hardware or project work.

  • All previous level features +
  • Free Remote Control Audit
  • Driving license as a Service
  • Security switches


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Automate Service

Out-of--the-box automation features are included. Custom work to be negotiated.

  • All previous level features +
  • Free Automation Workshop
  • Automated Service Calls
  • Enterprise Level Support


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What is Vehicle Management Device - VMD?

VMD is the magic black box that makes sure we can collect all required data from your vehicles and surroundings when applicable. VMD is a long term hardware solution that you can integrate to new data loggers, sensors, BI-directional remote controllers and so on. It is built to last many years and built to adapt to future technologies and your maturity. 


Which solution is right for my requirements?

It actually does not matter. We got you covered. When you buy any version of the standard VMD solution we can later on unlock features to you remotely. Our solution is one size fits all. 


What if I need customisation?

We are here to listen and help. The Fleethub solutions have been built based on our customers' requirements. Tell us your custom requirement and we most likely are able to turn our solution to serve your purpose.

How can we get started?

This solution is a strategic purchase. It will help you save money, increase safety and security and help you perform more efficiently. We want to appreciate the strategic nature of our relationship and therefore, all co-operation should begin with Teams or zoom call to discuss your existing situation, your plans and requirements. 

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