Industries From Raw materials to Delivery of goods.


Tracking, automating and optimizing fleet for all purposes.

Vehicle Manufacturer

With OEM partnership we can help you provide your customers real time data of your utility vehicles.
Fleet Optimisation Benefits

Maintenance & Rental

Vehicle sales, maintenance and rental companies can benefit by integrating the automated service calls from Fleethub.
Fleet Optimisation Benefits

Logistics Outsourcing

Operators of the factory, warehouse and port logistics can benefit by being able to holistically manage the fleet with data.
Fleet Optimisation Benefits

Durable Goods & Trades

Understand which half of your fleet is unused and which needs maintenance right now.
Fleet Optimisation Benefits

From Raw to Waste

Improve safety and security of your logistics operations. Get insights of your Fleet.
Fleet Optimisation Benefits

Food & Beverage

Gain visibility to the flaws of your logistic process. Improve employee experience.
Fleet Optimisation Benefits

What our clients say

Meyer chose Fleethub due to the Business Intelligence capabilities of Fleethub. Fleethub's ability to integrate with Meyer SIPOC process was crucial. Fleethub enabled insights that were previously not available for Meyer.

Meyer Shipyards

Using Fleethub enabled the ability to communicate between all suppliers and stakeholders within material handling. Also, the ability to track the fleet profitability and performance across brands is ground breaking.

Ossi Lindstedt

For rental and maintenance companies it is critical to be able to maintain the SLA using remote management and automated maintenance calls. For Finnsiirto, Fleethub improves the customer experience and ability to sell more of our rental and maintenance services.

Finnsiirto Group
Kalle Dahlman

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