Optimizing your Fleet shows 4 levels of maturity.


The lowest and most typical level: Fleet Tally

Tally, pen & paper and  management by excel are the lowest levels of fleet maturity. It's definitely not poor method if you have the time to tally up each and every machine work  hour accurately at the same time while you focus on working with the machine or fleet of machines at your or your customers' sites.

Benefits of Tally

  • It's better than nothing.
  • No one can hack it if you write it on paper
  • It's better than nothing.

The digitalisation of fleet tally: Fleet Cloud.

Yes, not much of a difference in terms of tallying it up. You write down the name, type, operator, site, perhaps alleged location of the  vehicle and you write down the estimated work hours. The benefit of doing it with a cloud based solution is that it's now always available anywhere and for anyone you want.

Benefits of digitalising Fleet Management

  • Always accessible, in real time,  by anyone in your organisation.
  • You can re-use the data easily to make calculations of usage hours, etc. 
  • You can almost trust the data because it has been manually tracked.

The digitalisation of vehicle: Digital Twin.

Now, we are getting to the real stuff. When you collect the soul and presence, the data of vehicle performance, you can draw a digital twin of the vehicle into a datalake. You can understand how worn out the tires are, you can see how many hours have been driven, how many bumps and crashes have been hit. 

Benefits of Digital Twin of Vehicle and  Fleet

  • Have a digital knowledge of your vehicle and you fleet performance.
  • Use the data to pull out insights of fleet KPI's
  • Understand which half of your fleet is used and which needs maintenance.

The digitalisation of action: Hyper Automation!

Hyper automation is a buzz word and for a good reason. Finally a buzz that makes sense for common mind as well. You take the Digital Twin data, you use that to trigger actions based on pre-defined rules and you automate and optimise your business.

Benefits of Hyper Automation of Fleet

  • Improve safety and security in realtime by using digital twin data.
  • Predict or predefine rules for automated service calls. 
  • Save money and time in automating small and big tasks.


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