Enabling The Digital Twin of the vehicle. 

Vehicle Management Device - Vision for Future.

We didn't want to limit our selves to hardware..

The VMD is truly a blackbox. It is designed to be able to adapt to future technological evolution. The VMD has four core tasks; to collect data, to send data, to receive data and to control devices at and around the vehicle.   

Is it easy to install the box?

It is very easy and fast. VMD is a small box, the size of two card decks. it's easy to carry, to handle and it's made to last to take some hit.  A box with a standalone battery can be installed plug and play. Batteries  have benefits and trade offs. They make the installation faster and easier, but they carry the cost of changing or charging batteries.

if you want to take the power from the vehicle, the box will need to be hardwired to vehicle power source. very easy to install as well, but takes some 15 minutes more time per box.

What kind of data is collected?

We can collect any data that can be collected with sensors and we can integrate additional external data sources to our Amazon Web Services datalake.  The most important to ask is:

What kind of KPI's do you need to report and analyse?

How do we control devices with data?

The answer is: it depends. Typical use case is one in which we collect data,  process the rules automatically via cloud, send the task back to vehicle and process the task via hardwiring or wireless connection to auxialiary device.

IRL case: Driver's license to operate vehicle on the cloud

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